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The Harmony Trust Teaching School Alliance is committed to raising standards for all its pupils and all across the borough. Both the Harmony Trust and its strategic partners have a proven track record of securing school improvement and improving outcomes both within its Academies and beyond. The plan provides bespoke and effective approaches to support other schools to develop on their improvement journey and improve outcomes for pupils including those that are disadvantaged.

The school improvement packages provided depend on the capacity to improve in the supported school and the potential to raise Early Years, Year 2 and 6 outcomes quickly. Our experience is that rapid improvement is possible providing there is no resistance to the partnership from the leadership in the recipient school and there are some strengths in the school. If there is resistance and low capacity to improve then a more interventionist approach is necessary to be effective and secure Value for Money.

A swift review process to assess the precise needs of the school and match with Harmony’s capacity and areas of expertise. Our model is a highly supportive and underpinned by a clear written agreement identifying expected key outcomes. Support from Harmony is 5 terms long in order to embed improvement systemically across all year groups. We understand and support the priority to improve attainment outcomes for current academic year, but our view is that it should be sustainable and involve follow up mentoring and support beyond that point from our team of principals, specialist leaders and practitioners.

The overview of the proposed programme is as follows:

  1. Support for School Leadership Teams: Designated Harmony Trust Teaching School Alliance (HTTSA) staff would evaluate current practice, identify areas of need and strategically plan for improved outcomes
  2. Clear plans with appropriately timed actions set in collaboration with school leadership teams. HTTSA staff to broker and co-ordinate support from within the team. The expert support brokered will very much be based on tailored needs of the school. Schools engaging in the project would have access to:
    • Coaching and mentoring for supported headteachers from our team of successful Principals and associates
    • Mentored support from SLEs in priority areas
    • Direct placements in our academies to provide modelling and coaching of effective teaching and learning in core subjects
    • Subject area experts, particularly in reading, writing and maths
    • Developing professional Learning Communities for teachers in the supported school. This would be a mechanism for networks to be built, including virtual forums and support.
    • Evidence based training (drawing on our network of high quality research and CPD partners) based on areas of need from early years to end of key stage 2
    • Focused work around pupil premium groups, drawing on national expertise and our own academies
    • Advanced Skills Teachers/Expert Practitioners Throughout, there will be opportunities for supported challenge and accountability with clear impact measures. The whole programme is driven by Harmony’s commitment to improve outcomes for Oldham’s pupils, particularly those most vulnerable

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